“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

– Chinese proverb and intro to F*ckery

F*ckery is an ugly word, offensive, even. As it should be. Dysfunctional office behavior IS ugly and offensive. It causes lost productivity, disables effective communication, punishes good workers, rewards bad ones, and threatens the success of companies everywhere. Jon and Lori aim to change that with their book, F*ckery.


Together, they challenge leaders to break habits that damage teams and results. Equal parts playful and provocative, F*ckery balances firsthand experiences with exercises and original matrices. You can see the tools here.

Lori and Jon have had a lot of experience using and introducing these tools across the world. With over forty years of leadership and coaching between them, they’ve developed teams and led reorganizations at tech start-ups, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies.

Co-authors Lori Eberly & Jonathan Sabol at The Bad Habit Room, May 2015

Radius ECD advises leaders and teams on building trust and reducing corrosive habits. Lori provides f*ckery trainings and presentations at small businesses, nonprofits, and corporate giants. Participants say:

  • “In an invested environment this is a great concept and critical discussion for building success.”
  • “Great communication opportunity with the team. I have never had this conversation.”
  • “Takes the elephant out of the room – brings focus and accessible language to difficult subject matter.”
  • “Identified ways I can help my team using these tools. Very useful information.” 
  • “Raising our awareness about these ideas was incredibly helpful (putting the idea of fuckery on our radar). You should give a TED talk! Engaging and interesting throughout. So much to chew on – THANK YOU!”

13422330_10154224863751505_8774612273218597943_oLori is available to provide training on this hard-hitting approach to success. Please email lori.eberly@gmail.com or call 503-891-1200.

The F*ckery website is www.eberlyandsabol.com. Join our tribe and follow us on Facebook.

(FYI, the * is used on this website because Big Brother filters are used to identify profanity.)


6 thoughts on “F*ckery

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lori conducted a lunch time program that was excellent on “Building Trust & Exposing Barriers to Success.” It was on 9/29/16 at the WA. Public Ports Association Conference. Thanks Lori for the intro and enlightenment.

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