Daniel Goleman popularized emotional intelligence in 2005. Our understanding of the neurobiology behind these critical skills has multiplied over the last decade. The Wall Street Journal posted an article on the executive brain and Forbes highlights the connection between neuroscience and leadership here. There’s plenty of evidence that advancing your career is linked to emotional intelligence.

THE SCIENCE OF LEADERSHIP is a highly distilled 2.5 hour course with immediately implementable skills for motivating, influencing others, and creating change.

Available to train your team at your location. Please call 503-891-1200 or email Lori at lori.eberly@gmail.com with any questions. Return to the Contact page here.

You can learn more about self and social awareness, emotional intelligence, and effective communication in Lori’s book, Fuckery, available for purchase here. Lori provides training, workshops, and presentations on these habits that damage trust. Check it out here.


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